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25 Nov 2015 | Wed

Day 08 of 47

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– Angkor Wat Sunrise

– Angkor Wat

– Bayon Angkor

– Baphuon Angkor

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– Terrace Leper King Angkor

– Ta Keo Angkor

– Ta Prohm Angkor

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Phimeanakas (Khmer: ប្រាសាទភិមានអាកាស, Prasat Phimean Akas, ‘celestial temple’) or Vimeanakas (Khmer: ប្រាសាទវិមានអាកាស, Prasat Vimean Akas) at Angkor, Cambodia, is a Hindu temple in the Khleang style, built at the end of the 10th century, during the reign of Rajendravarman (from 941-968), then completed by Suryavarman I in the shape of a three-tier pyramid as a Hindu temple.

On top of the pyramid, there was a tower, while on the edge of the top platform there are galleries. Phimeanakas is located inside the walled enclosure of the Royal Palace of Angkor Thom north of Baphuon. (Wikipedia)

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