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Kalaw Countryside Trek to Pein Ne Bin Village

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> Kalaw | Myanmar <

02 Dec 2015 | Wed

Day 15 of 47

Today’s Events:

– Flight – Bagan Nyaung-U to Heho – Drive to Kalaw

– We Arrive at the Town of Kalaw

– Dream Mountain Resort Kalaw

> Kalaw Countryside Trek to Pein Ne Bin Village <

– We Arrive at the Town of Kalaw –

After checking into the hotel it was time for our six-mile Kalaw countryside trekking journey to Pein Ne Bin Village (Palaung ethnic hill tribe).  After a short drive, we arrived at our trek start point – a beautiful farming community surrounded by incredible mountainside views.

Farmhouse View Overlooking Countryside

We basically made a big loop that started on a gravel path/road until we reached the Pein Ne Bin Village.

Pein Ne Bin Village

After walking a few hours along the gravel path/road, we came out of a curve and were able to get our first glimpse of the Pein Ne Bin Village, home of the Palaung ethnic hill tribe.

Pein Ne Bin Village – Home of Palaung Ethnic Hill Tribe

The Palaung or Ta’ang is a Mon–Khmer ethnic minority found in the Shan State of Burma, Yunnan Province of China, and Northern Thailand. In China, they are referred to as the De’ang people. In Myanmar, they live mainly in the northern parts of Shan State in the Pa Laung Self-Administered Zone, with the capital at Namhsan.

When we first walked into the village we passed by several young children that appeared to be walking to school.

Village Children Walking to School

The homes throughout the village are an eclectic mix of old traditional Palaung/Burmese huts and houses to several more modern styled designs. Like a lot of ethnic tribe communities throughout Asia, they are slowly being forced to adapt to new modern ways of technology. With this taking place, the older generation does their best to hang on to their old Palaung culture and traditions. They actively attempt to pass it down to the younger generations but unfortunately, they tend to resist as the younger generation coming along very much desire the “shiny lights” of modernization (like cell phones, the internet, social media, and video games).

After walking through the village, our trails turned a bit more intense and challenging. Near the end, we passed through a large orange grove where several locals (mostly women) were harvesting.

Mountainside Orange Grove

The land here is so rich and fertile everything grown here flourishes – as if everything is on steroids. Along our journey, we saw endless fields of fruits and vegetables that included cabbages, dragon fruit, coffee trees, tea, avocados, potatoes, rice, and oranges.

Young Girl Carrying Basket Full of Oranges

While hiking we came across what we thought was a small snake, it turned out to be an earthworm!  Yes, this is a 12″ long Myanmar earthworm (see below)!  We ended up seeing several of these along the trip.

12″ Earthworm

This region of Kalaw was so beautiful – colorful landscapes, vibrant farming, magnificent views, and a wonderful glimpse into the rural life at Pein Ne Bin Village.

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