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It’s not 100 percent finished – and not perfect, but its something I’ll keep working on and updating along the way.

The “About Us” page has been updated with accordion dropdown tabs that cover all of our past through current ongoings.

Travel Posts – Not all have been fully updated (may or may not have our travel notes/journal included) but all posts should have a photo gallery attached – so at least you will be able to see all of our travel photos! I will be working on adding our travel notes to these posts as we go along.

Bhutan – be sure to check out all of the newly added travel posts from our 2019 13-Day Cultural Tour of Bhutan. I spent a lot of time over the last few months covering our awesome trip to this amazing country. All 62 posts are complete with full travel notes, history, photo galleries, and a location map of each destination. You can check out the Bhutan Posts here

Latest Posts From… (Below) – you can find links to our last travel events before the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

  • Thailand (41 posts from our 2020 family trip, plus previous trips in 2017, 2015) *Partial/Incomplete
  • China (60 posts from our 18-day China Discovery Tour) *Partial/Incomplete
  • Japan (26 posts from our 5-day trip to Tokyo) *Fully Updated
  • Bhutan (62 posts from our 18-day Embrace Bhutan Cultural Tour) *Fully Updated

Other Past Trips – We also have previous posts from our 2015 trip to Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos

  • Thailand (8 posts)
  • Cambodia (26 posts – 7 Days at Angkor Wat – Siem Reap) *Fully Updated
  • Myanmar/Burma (38 posts – 8 Day Cultural Tour – Yangon, Bagan, Mt. Popa, Heho, Kalaw, Pindaya and Inle Lake) *Fully Updated
  • Laos (12 posts – 7 Days in Luang Prabang) *Fully Updated

Going Back to Thailand – We are very excited about going back to Thailand. Our plan is to get everything re-established again – living in a new area (near the city center), finding a new condo, getting my retirement visa, etc. A friend recently referred to return as our Thailand 2.0 – which I have to agree with! 😊

What Are Our Future Plans? – For the first year back (while the world still recovers/reopens from the pandemic), we plan to take things slow – probably spending most of our time in Bangkok with an occasional trip around Thailand.

We Leave for Thailand on May 10, 2022!


About Us

We are Dean and Kanchana, two aspiring world travelers who retired early from our jobs in North Carolina, got rid of all our possessions and moved to Thailand. Our plan was simple – live a minimalist lifestyle, make Thailand our home base, and travel in and around Southeast Asia…

For more about… how we decided to retire early and move to Thailand, our 8 wonderful months of traveling before COVID-19 hit, living in Thailand during the pandemic, our brief return to the United States (11 months), and then our triumphant return to Thailand.

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